The types of sports pants have evolved in recent times leading to garments of all kinds. At Blue Nattier we are at the latest when it comes to trends in the textile market. Thanks to them we have a wide range of women’s sports pants.

Lovers of running or their synonyms in English (‘running’, ‘jogging’ or ‘footing’) are in luck. Our women’s Jogger pants are designed with the best fabrics on the market and we have different models available: plain Jogger pants, with bands, single color, with pockets, no pockets…

But sports practice doesn’t come down to cardiovascular exercise where Jogger pants tend to fit. In gyms, activities such as yoga, pilates and other group classes, women’s favorite sportswear is leggings. Ours are elastic, comfortable, quality, are available in two colors and with sizes ranging from XS to XL.

Also, when the seasons of the year arrive with higher temperatures, there is the option of sports with short clothes. Blue Nattier women’s sports shorts are ideal for these occasions. Our models available in three colors have front pockets to store what you need while doing sports.

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