We specialize in both blazers and dress jackets as well as other more informal models. We recommend equally to men who love classic and modern fashion, take a look at the catalog of Blue Nattier blazers and jackets.

The men’s American jacket was born in the United States when a very similar garment began to be used in sport hunting. The normal jacket, the blazer and the blazer were derived from it, the latter being the most elegant of the three.

Today, the blazers are one of the indispensable parts of suits, but the evolution of trends has also led to their more casual use with jeans or dress pants. Happily for our clients, at Blue Nattier we combine products that satisfy both classic and modern tastes, having in our catalog men’s jackets in traditional colors such as black and navy blue, but also gray or other colored models.

The fabrics are of the highest quality, manufactured in Europe, and with the guarantee of selection of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the textile and fashion sector.

On the other hand, we offer our customers men’s jackets with the same quality guarantee. The jackets sector presents more variety depending on the style and use that is going to be given to the garment, with denim, mid-season or casual jackets being popular.

In the blog you will be able to consult proposals for ‘outfits’ with our jackets, examples of how to combine men’s blazers with jeans, as well as other possible ‘looks’ related to these products.

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