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If you are looking for an original jacket, blazer or jacket with a quality guarantee, Blue Nattier is your reference brand. We only sell jackets made in Europe made with the best fabrics on the market.

The elegance of the American women also extended to the female sex. Generic jackets have their origin in the United States, where men began to use this type of clothing in sport hunting. From them derived the blazer, blazer and jacket, which survive and triumph today.

In the women’s field, the evolution and popularity of the blazer stands out. This specific model of jacket was created when it became the uniform of the Cambridge rowing club in the early 19th century. This crossed borders, becoming the official clothing of university sports teams in the United States.

Over the years it became established as a women’s garment, reinventing itself every so often with new fabrics, materials and shapes. The existence of leather, velvet, wool blazers is common … All of them for sale in multiple colors.

In addition, we provide you with more information on our blog, shedding light on questions such as the following: how to combine a woman’s jacket with jeans; how to know my women jacket size.

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