The trick to buying the perfect fitted dress or jumpsuit: this is how you measure your waistline

how to measure length

Every woman’s body is unique, so finding a fitted dress or perfect jumpsuit is not always an easy task. The best option is to physically try on the garment, but with the ‘boom’ of online fashion stores it is less and less common. What to do in these cases?

Fortunately, there is a trick to be successful when buying clothes online, specifically in this type of garment that can be very loose if the appropriate size is not requested. It is about measuring waist length , a key metric in tailored garments widely used in tailoring and haute couture, which is also sometimes requested by common commercial brands.

The waist is defined as the narrowest part of the trunk that is located just below the ribs. The Royal Spanish Academy points out that it is a synonym of waist . This is the reference point from which to measure the aforementioned waist length.

How to measure the waist length?

The first step is to put a string or a ribbon just in the area of the waist. The utensil used should be tied with a bow, so that it does not tighten, but also does not fall down. There the size will be marked.

Next you should take a tape measure and measure from the lowest point of the neck, located in line with the shoulder, extending the tape to the waist. This vertical measurement will result in your waist length.

In this sense, it should be noted that there are both the front waist length and the back waist length . The first is measured from the area where the neck of a shirt would be located to the waist, and the second from the same place but from the back. It is key to measure both because each body is different.

For which garments is it good to know the waist length?

All fitted garments will need the length of the waist for its correct elaboration. It is common that it can be ordered in dresses cut at the waist, jumpsuits or blazers. It is also a key measure in wedding dresses and morning jackets for men.