How to measure the waist to know the size of jeans you need

Jeans size guide

jeans are part of that group of garments that never go out of style. Therefore, they are a ‘must’ in your wardrobe base . At Blue Nattier we have jeans for sale from the best European brands, with selected fabrics and designs to adapt as best as possible to your body, but how can you know what is your appropriate jeans size? strong>

Normally, the ‘jeans’ have on their label two figures that refer to their size. For example, 34/32. These numbers measure the size of the pants in inches , specifically in this case, 34 inches wide and 32 inches long.

This is the first problem to determine the size, since in Spain we are not used to working with inches … but do not panic! There is a solution and we will explain it to you below.

Measure jeans to find your size

This is the simplest and most effective option. On the one hand, the waist is measured, placing a tape measure on the upper edge of the pants, measuring from left to right. On the other hand, to find out the length , the tape measure is placed in the inner seam and it is measured from the waist to the lower edge of it.

The data for both measurements will have been obtained in centimeters, so it will be necessary to change them to inches to know with certainty which type of jeans suits you best.

The equivalence of men’s and women’s jeans sizes

Once you have the data in inches, you can check with the equivalences in European sizes. In the case of women’s jeans, these are the most common:

PulgadasTalla Europea

In the field of men’s ‘jeans’ the sizing is less varied. We show the most common equivalences:


Keep in mind that each brand can establish its own measurements for its jeans sizes. Therefore, the above data must be taken as a generic reference.