All sales dates in online clothes shops each year

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Electronic commerce has emerged in recent years in Spain. According to data from the National Commission of Markets and Competition ( CNMC ), the turnover of this sector in our country increased in the first quarter of 2020 by 11.6% compared to the previous year, reaching 12,243 million euros. Record figures in which online fashion stores such as Blue Nattier play a key role: clothing represented 6.6% of the total invoiced, ranking third place only behind travel agencies and tour operators and air transport.

The turnover figures are corroborated with other key consumption data, such as the fact that 65% of consumers buy fashion online, with the average expenditure per person on clothing for sale on the internet being 146, 8 euros, as indicated in a report by ‘ Statista ‘ relative to 2019.

With a future in which greater growth is seen for the online fashion sector, new sales periods proliferate beyond the traditional ones established in their days by physical stores.

These represent opportunities for customers to purchase cheap clothing and accessories at various times of the year. But, in how many sales periods do online stores specialized in clothing like Blue Nattier participate?

Winter sales

Winter sales in the textile sector traditionally begin on January 7 (although in some cities they are earlier than January 1), a day on which it is common to see queues in large physical establishments. However, for those interested in buying without queues or haste, the option of online sales is also available on specialized websites.

Of course, to buy fashionable clothes online you will also have to be fast. The most demanded products are out of stock at the click of a button at the same speed as those sold in physical stores.

Fortunately for consumers, this sales period can be extended until March in some brands, being it possible to find bargains until that date. In this sense, those who use less common sizes will have more opportunities to find ‘bargains’.

Summer sales

July 1 is the date that marks the kick-off of the second great sales campaign of the year. As in January, both physical stores and online firms offer great discounts to their customers, some of up to 70%.

In the first weeks the first sales take place, usually not more than 30%. In the following weeks the discounts increase their percentage, although the variety of garments is already less. Summer sales commonly end in late September.

Black friday

Black Friday or Black Friday is a day of sales of American origin that in the last decade has spread to a large part of the countries of the world. This day is always celebrated the last Friday in November and its initial task was to promote consumption after the celebration of Thanksgiving in America.

Today, small, large and other online fashion stores are joining Black Friday, becoming an opportunity for customers to satisfy Christmas purchases at a lower price .

Other sales periods

Each brand in the textile sector chooses to make its own discounts and rebates in different parts of the year. Sales campaigns are common before designated dates such as Valentine’s Day , Christmas , Father’s Day or Mother’s Day .

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