Sweaters and Cardigans

Cache sweaters and cardigans that will protect you from the cold while setting trends. Our catalog is at your disposal to meet your needs

Sweaters were first made in the 15th century in the UK, a nation where low temperatures are common. They were the work of the workers of the Channel Islands and the name of the garment was derived from one of the localities: Jersey. Unlike other garments, sweaters have been used interchangeably by men and women since their creation.

For their part, the cardigans began to be produced by order of James Thomas Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan. An elegant military chief who ordered the design of a new garment that would have cachet and protect his troops from the cold.

At Blue Nattier you can choose between copies of different fabrics. Some thinner cardigans are ideal to wear in summer, while others will be your perfect allies for the harsh winter.

Which to choose? How to combine them? We solve these doubts and many others in the articles on our blog, an informative space about fashion in general and Blue Nattier products.

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