Coats and Gabardines

Blue Nattier women’s coats and trench coats have the mission of maintaining body heat, and they more than achieve this by following quality manufacturing processes in the European Economic Area.

Coats and raincoats are the two favorite garments for women to protect themselves from the cold and rain. The former has been present in everyday life practically since the Middle Ages in different forms, while trench coats have their origin in the late 19th century.

Specifically, these garments were first worn in 1861 by Garibaldi’s troops and by British soldiers in the First World War. They served mainly as a rain cover that would later become popular in Hollywood movies during the 1930s and 1940s. Thanks to the cinema, their mass production began.

Among the current trends stand out the down, padded and long coats. On the other hand, in the sector of raincoats we find updated models, including hoods.

Black, long, padded, down coat or black raincoats are some of the usual products on our website. We advise you to review the catalog regularly so as not to miss the news.

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