About Us

 Who we are

We are a Fast-Fashion Platform.

Our business model creates value by leading scalable  resources on demand.

Our Story

We have come a long way since starting; been transformed ourselves from a local traditional manufacturing legacy towards a global full-service provider.


Our story started back in 1972 with a small textile business in north-west Spain.


                The rise of Fast Fashion

  At that time we have already manufacturing on demand modality for few multi-brand stores and shopping centers. However, fast fashion came to the fore as well for us in the mid-2000s. 


              Globalization, the need for speed

As a local manufacturer, we move even more towards faster and more flexible production practices.

In 2005 the Multifibre Agreement phased out, exposing the business to global competition. Plus the economic recession of 2008 makes the clothing market becomes even more competitive and unstable internationally. 

Rather than only enhance and support traditional methods, we face a transformation of business by revamping our operation model, products and  objectives approach. 


             Fast fashion is getting faster
The clothing industry is no longer just divided between where garments are produced and sold. After a long journey of +40 years in the sector, we preserve locally the core of business, aiming to deliver value-added, becoming a trusted business partner.

Because production currently moves at an incredibly rapid pace; emerging trends that are constantly changing. We focus on trying to put the customer at the center, to play the crucial role in how every product is developed. Soon after, it is when our manufacturing on demand is managed according to the required qualities. 


                 Smart tech solutions to come ! 

The textile industry has totally changed in the last half a century. And we like to be creative, focus on new fabrics and designs for sustainable productions on demand.

Lets keep together curious to collaborate within the future fashion, on both new design concepts as well as smart tech solutions !

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